Darren Aronofsky produced one of the best movies in the past two decades when he released Requiem for a Dream in the late 90s.

A decade later and he has impressed yet again, this time with the film The Wrestler.

One of the movies of the year in 2008, The Wrestler was nominated for plenty of awards, including Oscar nominations for best film, best actor and best supporting actress.

The film follows the life of Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson, a professional wrestler in the 1980s.

The Ram’s life was full of excitement and fame in his early years, and was an A-grade celebrity in the industry.

However, by the 1990s his popularity decreases, as too does his quality of life.

Robinson still does the odd show on weekends, in front of mediocre crowds, but during the week he gets by with part time shifts at the local deli.

He is rarely recognized, and when he is it is usually at his expense.

The movie takes the viewers on a journey through the life of a superstar who has the battles of letting go of the only thing he loves so much, and the one thing that has torn apart his family.

Mickey Rourke assumes the role of Robinson and one could not find a more perfect match.

The similarities between both characters are striking, with Rourke also going through a similar experience, only in the acting world.

The Wrestler will make you laugh, and cry, in an emotional rollercoaster.

First posted on Movie Nation: March 23th, 2010

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