Battle: Los Angeles proudly follows a long line of alien invasion movies – Mars Attacks! Independence Day! Skyline! Remember Skyline? Anyone? It came out around the same time. You’re probably asking the same question about Battle: Los Angeles and getting the same response.

Battle: Los AngelesBattle: Los Angeles follows a plucky band of marines trying to repel alien forces in L.A., as the title suggests. The aliens in their sinister ships have invaded the earth. After the rest of the world’s great cities have fallen – Beijing, Paris, London, Kalgoorlie, it’s up to Marine staff Sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) and his team to draw a line in the sand.

Helping the sergeant shoot aliens from the sky is Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan and Ne-Yo, some kind of R&B star and tragically not an iced biscuit. They have to shoot these alien invaders out of the smoggy LA sky and then presumably shoot them some more.

The trailers for this bang-fest promise explosions and pounding action for 90 minutes. They also promise slightly shonky-looking aliens, hand-held camera work and gruff men making hand signals while urging each other onwards.

I guarantee that if you want a movie where you can happily leave your brain at the door, and let the gunfire massage your eardrums, look no further then Battle: Los Angles.

First posted on Movie Nation: March 16th, 2011

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